Gianluca Vacchi debts

The 50-year-old Italian playboy became famous after he started exposing his luxurious lifestyle on social media, where he frequently praises with his expensive cars, glamorous boats and the coolest clothes.

All these aspects brought Gianluca Vacchi no less than 11 million followers on Instagram and, of course, worldwide fame.

The world’s most notorious fashion brands and most exclusive night clubs started to bombard Gianluca with image contracts and tens of thousands of dollars-worth collaborations.



However, despite the benefits the macho man has obtained due to his habit of documenting lavish vacations and over the top parties on social media, sources inside his entourage claim Gianluca it’s going through a tough period.

Gianluca’s well-known yacht and various mansions owned by the Playboy have been seized by a bank because the 50-year-old “forgot” to pay up huge debts.



The debt is worth 10 million of dollars and instead of paying his taxes and fees, Gianluca preferred to ignore the situation and invest the money in private jets and expensive clothes.

In addition, the Italian government is 100% convinced Gianluca is, in fact, buried in more debts, but he is trying to sweep everything under the rug in order to not lose his status.

Currently, the businessman is dating former Miss Universe contestant, Arianna Gutierrez.

Until a few months ago, the Italian was involved in a longtime relationship with model and fashion expert Giorgia Gabriele.