moon internet connection

The moon needs internet connection and the world’s top researchers are currently conducting efforts in this direction

Although it might seem a rather difficult and complex mission, trying to “bring” Internet on the Moon, some experts claim the task it’s actually much easier than most of us could imagine.

A startup known as Part Time Scientists has created a plan to bring LTE connectivity to the Moon, allowing the company’s routers to communicate with their team from Earth using anything other than the planet’s communications systems, saving both time and money.

The process should be finalized next year and will be possible due to the Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket.

The German startup has already joined forces with Space X to send their ship Alina to the space-bar.

The spacecraft will make a slight landing on the Moon, and then two Audi Lunar Quatro rods will travel on the satellite surface to the landing site of Apollo 17.

The team on the planet needs a method of communicating with the rovers, and they anticipate that it will be facilitated using cellular planet technology.

According to the team, the company already has a deal with Vodafone for LTE base stations to be installed on the Moon.

The Alina spacecraft will be the base station, receiving data from the two rovers and sending them back to Earth.

The startup could become the first private entity to reach the Moon, but it also depends by the attempts conducted by the participants from Google’s Lunar X Prize, writes

Even if the initial base station will not be a permanent one, the company believes it is a solid start to bring a permanent Internet connection to the Moon that could open new horizons for future missions as well.