PETA cheese

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) claims that when we eat animal products, we are silently witnessing a… rape and shutting our eyes to these “rapes” it’s a crime itself.

You could say the statements made by PETA’s members and sympathizers are exaggerated – after all, we are talking about one of the most radical organizations in terms of defending animal rights and their actions have led to valuable changes.

From condemning those who use natural fur to promoting veganism as the only way to eat in an “ethical” way, PETA activists say that we should be more careful about the food products we consume if we claim that we like and protect animals.

However, an article published recently on the official website of the organization was labeled by many as weird.

Why? Because, according to PETA, it dares people to realize that our food is often the product of a… rape.

The famous organization says the explanation behind this theory is, in fact, simple: when a man is forced to conduct sexual relations without its consent we can call the action a rape.

But, when animals are being forced to do that, we call the process “artificial insemination”.

“Cows are raped and there are separated from their cubs in order to produce more milk.

Cows produce milk just like humans to feed their cubs. In order to determine the animals to produce as much milk as possible, farmers inseminate them every single year by using a tool known in the industry as rape rack. Cows are defensive in front of these methods. Then the cubs are being separated from their mothers which cause them great suffering. “

The article, very grim, ends with an indulgence to veganism: “No feminist should consume products that are the result of a rape. When you know better, you do better. Become a vegan – for all those mothers, sisters, daughters and all women whose bodies are being exploited.



  1. There are many parallels between human abuse and exploitation and animal abuse and exploitation. Before I went vegan, I didn’t realize that even routine farming practices involve some type of sexual manipulation, usually artificial impregnation. Most cows are artificially impregnated–workers forcibly restrain female cows so that an insemination “gun” can be shoved into their vaginas. That’s appalling, regardless if the victim is a human or a cow.