With an annual population growth rate of 100.000 residents, Canada’s biggest city does not seem to slow down the pace anytime soon

Situated on the northern bank of the Ontario River, the city is famous for multiculturalism and diversity.

More than 140 foreign languages and dialects are currently spoken here and the city it’s also making substantial investments in public transport and technology, transforming the city into an even more attractive place for tourists and foreigners, writes BBC.

“The city does not reveal its secrets easily”, confessed a traveling blogger from Toronto.

“I love Toronto because after you will get to know it, you will love it”.

Among those “secrets”, the beaches located right in the heart of the city are labeled by tourists as “something memorable”.

“People are not really interested in the beaches because we are not by the ocean, but we also have beautiful lakes”, confessed 27-year-old resident Bruce Poon Tip.

The city is also known for the abundance of parks and trails.

According to a recent study, Toronto is the world’s fourth city when it comes to the number and surfaces of green spaces.

“In Toronto, you have the benefits of a big city, although the living situation is exactly like in a small town” added Bruce Poon Tip.