First Daughters Azerbaijan

After their mother became a star due to her eccentric way of dressing, her weakness for plastic surgeries and expensive tastes, now it’s their turn to make the headlines

The First of Daughters of Azerbaijan are both beautiful and, according to the local press, they are also pretty smart.

Both Leyla and Arzu graduated from prestigious international schools and, obviously, they are both concerned about the way they present themselves in society.

During the attempt to outshine their mother, Mehriban Aliyeva, Leyla and Arzu were the ugly ducklings of the family while growing up.

However, when your mother is the world’s most glamorous first lady, things are certainly looking up for you.

Leyla was married to a Russian billionaire and she is now the editor-in-chief of style magazine Baku.

Meanwhile, her younger sister Arzu manages an art gallery from Baku funded by her very wealthy family.

These girls are pretty much present to every single social event taking place in the capital of Azerbaijan and as soon as you spot them you just cannot ignore the expensive Chanel bags, the Saint Laurent shoes and Victoria Beckham dresses.

The orange tan, the fake lashes and the plumped lips, it’s all there.