Georgina Rodriguez pregnant

She successfully has managed to hide her pregnancy for more than five months

After her bump started to show and the paparazzi were spreading the rumor regarding her pregnancy, Georgina Rodriguez decided to come to light.

However, even though she and her baby daddy have confirmed they are expecting, she is still not showing.

Georgina Rodriguez is seven-months pregnant but, somehow, the former ballet dancer kept her slender silhouette without gaining pounds.

The only thing that gave Georgina away is her little bump, which if you look at her from behind, it’s almost unnoticeable.

Moreover, she cannot contain herself from posting steamy pictures and the last ones from her vacation in Ibiza are certainly red hot.

Cristiano took his girl and his children in the most luxurious resort, where they lounged by the pool and relaxed because after Georgina will give birth they will probably become too stuck in the chaos of handling five kids.

In one of the photos, Georgina is swimming in the pool of the luxury resort where they are currently staying, showcasing her incredible third-trimester body.

The brunette even posted this picture with Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., proving once again that she loves Cristiano’s children just as much as she already loves her biological child.

According to some sources, twins Mateo and Eva joined them.