Although the question may seem “unrealistic” especially because we just found out that North Korea carried its sixth nuclear test on Sunday, we just have to get to the bottom of it.

So, why is Kim Jong-un always grinning from ear to ear after his scientists are conducting nuclear tests?

Experts claim this behavior is, in fact, something meticulously calculated.

Kim Jong-un laughing in front of a military map, Kim Jong-Un laughing while he is surrounded by his generals, every single propaganda image showcases a radiant Kim Jong-Un who just can’t contain his excitement.

The Pyongyang regime spread the rumor they have just tested a hydrogen bomb and it was a complete success.

These photos serve primarily to send a message to the North Korean population, explains Antoine Bondaz, a researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research in France and author of an essay about North Korea (2016).

Ri Chun-Hee, one of North Korea’s most influential people, even though she retired,  the famous newscaster decided to reveal the happy news.

In the pictures revealed by the official KCNA press agency, he embraces, holds hands, congratulates his team, but, in reality, this is all a communication strategy that has been put into practice since its first public discourse on April 15, 2012.

All these propaganda shots come from the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) North Korean press agency.

“They are processed to convey a message, precise information, this is what North Korea wants us to assume” added Antoine Bondaz.