Lidl Greek cross

The German giant is getting some fierce reactions after its leading board has decided to retouch an image used for the packing of a Greek-themed product

The image of Santorini with the famous Anastasis church in the background was digitally retouched because the cross on top of the holy place has been deleted, informs The Telegraph.

The Greek products range launched by Lidl a while ago bears the famous touristic attraction from Santorini but some customers who recognized the location noticed the religious symbol installed on the roof is gone.

Customers have pretty much stormed the Lidl UK page in order to express their disappointment regarding Lidl’s choice to modify the picture.

“I am very disappointed with the company because it is trying to please a certain category of people. Why do you hide from history? We all have to learn from history, and editing it with Photoshop will cause other mistakes”, writes Daniel Novak.

The “Eridanous” range of products offers Greek delicacies such as olive oil, musk, yogurt, and gyros.

Customers have also indicated that some Halal meat products (including meat products that are in compliance with Islamic laws) display Islamic inspired buildings with minarets.

“We avoid displaying religious symbols because we do not want to exclude any belief. We are a company that respects diversity, which is why we chose to approach this design feature”, declared a Lidl spokesman for Belgian RTL television.

A German spokesman for the company underlined the idea that their intention was to respect diversity, and certainly not to shed any religious beliefs, apologizing to customers who felt offended.