Kate topless photos

The judges decided that French magazine Closer, the one who published Kate Middleton’s topless pictures five years ago must pay 103.000 euros in compensation, writes The Telegraph.

The Paris court has discovered that the exposure was, in fact, a violation of the duchess’ right to privacy.

According to the same source, the compensation will be paid by Closer magazine directly to the duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William, who initially have claimed damages worth 1.5 million euros.

Also, the editor-in-chief of the magazine, who is also the founder of the publication, is now forced to pay a maximum fine of 45.000 euros.

Six people have been prosecuted in connection with the images captured during the holiday that Kate and Prince William have spent in France in 2012 at the private castle in Provence.

At that time, the images in which Kate was sunbathing without a bra on one of the castle’s terraces were taken over by the local newspaper La Provence.

At that time, several British publications have refused to pay for those photos and the Royal House of Great Britain heavily condemned the action, classifying it as a flagrant invasion of the couple’s private life.