North Korea Chinese media

The authorities in Pyongyang have recently tightened the punishments against those “rebels” who dare to watch Chinese movies or series.

The North Koreans who deal with such “vices” risk to spend at least five years in a re-education camp, performing labor work, writes South Korean daily Nk, quoting undisclosed sources from North Korea.

Until now, watching Chinese productions were not considered such a serious crime, in comparison to illegally possessing American or South Korean media or cinematographic materials.

Several sources from North Korea have revealed for Nk that Group 109, a department responsible for monitoring external media materials has recently launched a national campaign to combat any media material or product produced in China.

Moreover, shortly after the national campaign was initiated every single town and village in North Korea was invaded by special agents, deployed especially to monitor the situation.

“Group 109 randomly inspects the dwellings. If Chinese video material is found during the investigation, it is immediately seized, and its owners must visit the Security Ministry the next day to receive <<ideological education>> and pay a penalty. If you are caught twice, the penalty increases in severity, starting with six months of work in a re-education camp”, said a source from Pyongyang.