Russia United States

The Russian Foreign Ministry is currently consulting with various judicial experts on the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the United States of America, due to an allegation that certain American institutions are “confiscating” consular properties in San Francisco, Washington, and New York.

“I contacted a number of specialists who know how to do these things (filing a lawsuit against another state)”, Moscow head of diplomacy Sergey Lavrov revealed for TASS.

Asked about which court will take care of the complaint against the US, referring to a replica of Vladimir Putin, Lavrov replied that it would be “the fairest court in the world,” without offering any further details.

Earlier, the White House announced that Donald Trump personally ordered the closure of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco and its annexes from Washington and New York.

Speaking Tuesday on the subject at the BRICS summit in China, Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin said he would ask the Russian Foreign Ministry to file a lawsuit on “Russia’s infringement of property rights.”

“Let’s see how efficient the American judiciary system is”, added Putin.