Karl Lagerfeld Jacques

The most mysterious and fascinating character of the fashion world, the German designer has always been an “opaque” presence on the fashion scene.

However, a new book reveals various unpredictable things about Lagerfeld’s, a person who chose to hide his feelings and emotions behind a pair of dark sunglasses.

Those who know him best claim that Karl Lagerfeld’s shield was, in fact, a decisive tool when it came to building a successful brand.

Also, the fact that he chose to remain discreet when it came to his personal life was the product of his very strict education.

Maria Ottavi’s new book tells the story of Parisian Jacques de Bascher, also known as “dandy de l’ombre”, a man who had an 18-years-relationship with the German artist and became the love of his life.

While Karl Lagerfeld was a control freak who wanted to tone his boyfriend down Jacques just wanted to live his life and spend money.

Although they both adored S&M parties, accompanied by alcohol and drugs, for Jacques these were not enough.

He wanted more because he loved decadence: he used to organize the most extravagant parties and he also enjoyed female company from time to time.

The turning point in Karl Lagerfeld’s relationship with Jacques was when the French left him for Yves Saint Laurent, which generated a real war between the two designers.

“He was the most exquisite man I had ever met. A devil with Greta Garbo’s face. She dressed like no other. It was before the times. It made me laugh more than anyone. It was my opposite. It was perfect. And at the same time an impossible, terrible man, with a jealousy without borders”, Karl confesses in the book.

In 1984, however, when Jacques was diagnosed with AIDS, everything has changed.

Suddenly, the famous party animal woke up alone

The only one from his socialite friends who remained by his side was Karl.

“If by the end of May you put at least three pounds on you, Aston Martin is giving you a gift”, was one of the jokes that Lagerfeld used in order to cheer his boyfriend’s spirits.

Jacques died at the age of 38.