Kimye surrogacy

While Kim Kardashian is busy scoring public appearance after public appearance, her third child is growing every single day in another woman’s womb.

If a few months ago the “surrogacy” news sounded more like a rumor, apparently Kimye are preparing to become parents for the third time in January.

After an army of fertility experts and doctors told the starlet that a third pregnancy might become endanger her life, Kim chose the “surrogacy” way.

According to TMZ, Kim and Kanye are reportedly expecting a second baby girl and they are “over the moon” with the news.

The very famous couple debated on the idea of hiring a surrogate for almost a year before they took a final decision because Kim was worried that she might not love a child conceived with the help of a surrogate as much as she loves North and Saint.

Kimye approved to pay up no less than $45.000 per month for 10 months starting in June.

The woman who will give birth to the next Kardashian – West family member is currently following a very strict and healthy diet imposed by, of course, no other than Kim, who wants to make sure that everything will be perfect.