nurses Denver

A representative of the Denver Medical Center revealed that five nurses have been suspended for three weeks after a police report mentioned the women have repeatedly starred at the genitals of a patient: “They stared while he was immobilized and after he died, they were still looking at it”.

The reason why the medical nurses from Denver were so “mesmerized” by the patient’s intimate parts?

Apparently, the size of his male parts was pretty impressive, stated the spokesman of the hospital Josh Rasmussen for Newser.

The mishap has unfolded within days when another medical assistant heard a conversation about the size of the man’s genitals.

After almost the entire female staff heard and rushed to witness the “miracle”, one of their colleagues thought the situation is outrageous reporting everything to the hospital’s management.

The police have also been involved in establishing that there if there are pieces of evidence to prove if a crime has been committed.

The five nurses returned to work after a three-week suspension.