Prince George school

A few hours ago, Prince George stepped on the doors of the Thomas’s Battersea School

By his side was his father, Prince William, who carried his bag and introduced him to his teacher.

However, his mother was nowhere to be seen, as everyone expected.

Obviously, the Kensington Palace has issued a press statement to clarify the situation and “save” Kate from an undesired wave of criticism, because after all, she is a pregnant woman who has enough going on.

According to the Royal Family, the duchess is suffering from severe nausea especially in the morning and she will probably miss out most of the social events set to take place this year.

“Unfortunately, the Duchess of Cambridge is still not feeling good, so it was impossible for her to accompany Prince George on his first day of school. The Duke of Cambridge will be the one who will leave Prince George at school. ”

The British Royal House has officially announced the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her third child

However, the “insignificant” detail they omitted to mention was the fact that most British citizens are not exactly delighted to hear that Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to expand their family.

The negative reactions appeared almost immediately after the news broke

According to Mirror, the news was not well received by citizens given that the Conservative Party members have introduced a limit on the number of children of whom parents can receive state support.

Parents receive about £2.300 per month as a child-raising aid for the first and second-born.

The third child of a family does not receive material support from the state.



  1. He is such a cute boy! I can’t believe he is at school now. I’m sorry that Kate could not be there for him but I’m sure that everything will be fine with the new baby!