Huawei Apple

Huawei has officially overtaken Apple and has become the world’s second-largest manufacturer of smartphones after Samsung in June-July, writes The Verge.

Ever since last year, the Chinese smartphone producer became determined to crush Apple, becoming the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer although some critics claim its victory it’s already compromised.

Crazy numbers reported by their selling departments from Europe and China

Huawei is doing great in China, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, where the company’s products have become popular due to the popular P9, P10 or their models from the Mate range.

Unfortunately, the Chinese group is not that popular in the US and India – the future boom market of the planet or Southeast Asia.

The company has recently announced that they are preparing to launch their own integrated intelligent processor, which will be tested on their future models.

The Chinese threat

Finally, Huawei faces the threat of other Chinese companies, namely the Oppo and Vivo brands, but also Xiaomi.

Despite overcoming Apple, Huawei is not present in the world’s Top 10 best-selling smartphones.

In fact, Oppo has two models in this ranking, and Xiaomi one. The rest of the positions are occupied by Apple (3 models) and Samsung (4 models), which says a lot about the marketing experience of the two giants.