Hurricane Irma billionaires

What do the world’s billionaires choose to do with their most expensive possessions when a hurricane is threatening to destroy everything?

They are sheltering well… almost everything.

The Porsche Design Tower in Florida is this luxury garage specially designed to survive during the most devastating weather phenomenon.

Hollywood A-listers and the world’s most influential businessmen have already created a damage report of the hurricane that destroyed their luxurious properties in Caribe.

Meanwhile, the American state which hosts most of the world’s billionaires, Florida, is now preparing to face the fury of Irma.

The state situated on the eastern coast of the Atlantic is the place where most of these people retreated when the ‘hurricane’ news broke.

Among those, we can encounter President Donald Trump, who owns a home in Palm Beach, near the shore.

The real estate mogul also has three golf clubs in Florida and a Saint-Martin villa, estimated at nearly $17 million.

The residents from that area are currently retreating into the northern part of the state, but before they leave they are making sure their luxurious cars will “survive” the hurricane without getting a scratch so they send them to the Porsche Design Tower.

It’s a 60-storey tower specially designed to withstand a 5th-grade hurricane. The luxury garage shelters 10 Lamborghini cars of more than five million dollars each, a $5 million Ferrari and a Pagani Zonda worth $15 million.

According to the last weather reports, Hurricane Irma will reach Florida on Sunday morning.