Mexico earthquake

The 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck the entire coast of Mexico and the tsunami alert for several neighboring countries has been triggered by the team of experts from the American Geophysical Institute.

The President of Mexico has stated that the massive earthquake was followed by more than 40 aftershocks.

He warned that this one was much stronger than the one that devastated the entire capital in 1985 when thousands of people lost their lives.

The earthquake has caused five deaths including two children, the Mexican media notes.

At the same time, the authorities from almost every single state decided to close every school or major institute in order to check the stability of the building.

The victim balance sheet may change as the emergency teams are currently verifying the wreckages in order to check if someone is stuck underneath.

The Ciudad de Mexico Airport was pretty much destroyed by the earthquake, but the building structure was not damaged, the authorities claim.

The earthquake was mostly felt in the Mexican state of Chiapas, where hundreds of buildings collapsed.

A shopping center in this region was destroyed by the tellurian movement, as the images published on social networks show.

The Mexican authorities have said this is the most powerful earthquake from the last three decades.

In 1985, the country was shaken by an 8 magnitude earthquake with the epicenter located near the capital of the country, causing the death of thousands of people.

Authorities have warned that massive waves generated by the tsunami will be spotted in several countries.

More specifically, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, and Ecuador could be hit by these tsunami waves caused by the earthquake.