WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is probably the most popular messaging application of the moment, but in order to maintain its top spot, they are not allowed to neglect any marketing segment.

Most people conduct conversations on WhatsApp, but when it comes to business, a lot of people switched to the Facebook app in the last year, mostly because they introduced the VoIP feature, which for them is indispensable.

However, this particular category still has hope that WhatsApp will eventually solve their one major problem: the one related to the feature of verifying the authenticity of an account, especially when it comes to a company official or representative.

For this reason, WhatsApp made the happy announcement a few days ago, which pretty much suggests that verified accounts will be introduced soon.

The message was published on their official blog, where WhatsApp has detailed a series of changes set to be implemented within the next days or weeks on the platform.

The American company has already begun to test the association of badges for WhatsApp accounts for small and medium businesses. So you’ll know if you are interacting with a verified account or not.

Moreover, it seems that a free application called WhatsApp Business for big or small business owners and another enterprise solution for corporations will be launched soon.

The latter will target airlines, banks and e-commerce sites that want to communicate quickly and securely with their customers.