email addresses list

Now you search for your email address in this list which includes hundreds of millions in order to verify if you must change your password immediately.

A security expert has discovered a spam list which includes 711 million different email addresses.

The black list contains two separate data sets: the first illustrates the email addresses and the second one, passwords.

If your email address is listed there, you need to change your email passwords like A.S.A.P.

The same expert says it’s also advisable to change all of them and not to use your email for retrieving other accounts.

By the time this article was written, there were over 164 million LinkedIn accounts, nearly 68 million Dropbox accounts, and over 1.3 million YouPorn accounts.

The first two have gone through massive data theft within the last two years.

Now, Benkow, one of France’s top cyber security experts, obtained this black list and sent it to Troy Hunt, a cyber-security researcher, who runs the I Have Been Pwned platform.

It’s also the largest data set ever uploaded to this site. To put it in other words: it’s like every man, woman and child in Europe has one of their email addresses on that list, writes IFLScience.

The data were collected with an algorithm called “Onliner Spambot”, and Hunt and Benkow would have identified an IP address from the Netherlands.

The only security measure that you can adopt right now is to check if your email is on the list and take the further action.

To make sure both your address and your password are safe (or not), enter the email in