Melania Trump Queen Rania

You would think that FLOTUS must sport a unique style, specific to a role model set to only ooze grace and class

However, this type of situation is not being promoted by Melania Trump, who instead of being original she is peeking to another first lady’s fashion choices, the Middle Eastern press writes.

It’s about her Jordanian counterpart: Rania, the Queen of Jordan, who recently turned 47.

The most famous and appreciated fashion publication in the world is constantly praising this beauty’s appearances.

Moreover, at one point Vogue wrote that “no royal face will ever equal her elegance”.

As for Melania Trump, which is only a few months older than Rania, yearns to achieve the same “aura” and does anything in her power to match her elegance.

It is well known that the gorgeous Jordanian, mother of four has a weakness for Dior, Valentino, Armani and Victoria Beckham.

She also tries to promote young Middle Eastern designers whenever she finds something cute and well-fitting.

The glossy magazines always choose Queen Rania when it comes to setting style standard among the world’s aristocrats

The first lady of the United States is currently collaborating with an army of stylists and counselors in order to always look flawless.

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair has included Queen Rania in the top of the world’s most elegant women, but they “skipped” Melania Trump who wore stilettos to a humanitarian campaign in Texas.

The two ladies also spent some time together in April when the King of Jordan paid an official visit to the US.

Melania Trump and Queen Rania went to visit a girls’ school, and the Jordanian stole the limelight from the Slovenian beauty.

In fact, her popularity is incontestable: on Instagram, she is extremely active and she is being followed by 3.7 million users.