Tom Cruise

The world’s most famous Scientologist is feeling “betrayed” by his former wife, Katie Holmes, who decided to go public with her relationship a few days ago.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are secretly dating for years now but the couple has denied the rumors, claiming they are just really close friends, for years now.

Both Katie and the singer/actor were extremely careful when it came to their very secret outings because, well, Katie’s hands were tied by the world’s most awkward separation clause.

Apparently, in order to follow a separate path from Cruise’s career and his obsession for Scientology, Katie was forced to sign a “special” contract clause.

The brunette was not supposed to publicly date anyone for the next five years since she has signed the divorce papers.

Almost five years have passed since their very mediatized separation and Katie is now ready to show the world how happy she is.

Although the Top Gun protagonist knew about this relationship for years, he was always disturbed by the special bond shared by Jamie and Katie: “Even though Katie did everything she could to keep things secret, Tom found out about it and thinks both of them are traitors”, sources have revealed for

To be more specific, Tom Cruise is mostly feeling “betrayed” by Jamie, whom in the past he shared a beautiful friendship with.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced in August 2012. The actress gained the primary custody of daughter Suri.