David Beckham Botox

At 42-years-old he has this astonishing career, the most successful life partner by his side and four beautiful and healthy children.

Let’s just put it like this: David Beckham is an accomplished man who just wants a peaceful life surrounded by his loved ones.

Although he is the most desired man in the world and his passion for helping others has transformed the former footballer into this perfect persona, believe it or not, David can also “brag” with an impressive community of… haters.

The most “dedicated” and vocal David Beckham haters are those who claim the former athlete has resorted to Botox and fillers in order to maintain that youthful appearance.

However, there are not many who dare to expose their real opinion about Victoria’s husband up front, like this brave social media user who wrote on Twitter: “Botox looks great in David’s case”.

The answer of David Beckham himself was the last thing this girl has ever expected to receive in return to her not-so-cool affirmation.

David took the affirmation like an opportunity to clarify the rumors related to his “non-existent” cosmetic procedures.

“I do not support Botox, ma’am, but I’ll take your remark as a compliment,” David answered jovially.

The affirmation related to David’s Botox ventures appeared online shortly after photos from Victoria’s show were published on social media.

According to her husband, the fact that he looks 20 better than a 20-year-old is just the result of a very healthy lifestyle.