attack Sinai

18 have perished in Egypt during a coward attack claimed by the Islamic State a few hours later

At least 18 were killed on Monday in Sinai, Egypt during a surprise attack against the national defense forces, writes AFP.

“Eight Egyptian soldiers were killed and four armored vehicles were completely destroyed”, the Jihadist organization announced via their propaganda agency.

According to the Egyptian Minister of Internal Affairs, a car exploded when the convoy reached to a crossing into the Sinai Peninsula.

The attack occurred on the road that links Al Qantara and Al Arich, the capital of the North Sinai region while the security forces were conducting an operation in the area.

A car plunged into the convoy and then exploded.

After the car caused enough damage, ISIS’ snipers opened fire, killing the rest of the soldiers.

Ever since the former Islamic president Mohamed Morsi was banished from the country, the Egyptian security forces are fighting against this Jihadist group from Sinai who swore faith to the Islamic State.

The group is also guilty for killing hundreds of soldiers and police officers in Egypt, claiming the attack upon the Coptic Christian community in December, with more than 100 dead.

The US Department of State also condemned the attack on Monday.

The United States “will continue to support Egypt against the terrorist threat”, US diplomacy added in a statement.