Ixodidae tick

A tick of the Ixodidae family was presented in front of hundreds of journalists during a government conference meant to prevent people with regard to the “severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome”.

The event took place a few days ago and from a scientific event has turned into this massive chaos, informs Mainichi, quoted by The Independent.

The very dangerous insect was brought to the conference by an employee from the local prefecture in Miyazaki, Japan, and was placed on a sheet of white paper along with another tick, which died after sucking blood.

The surviving tick has disappeared after the journalists stopped taking pictures.

However, after they realized the insect has vanished from the white sheet, the chaos was generated.

According to The Independent, as a countermeasure, the prefectural government has sprayed two different types of insecticides in the press room.

Meanwhile, the quoted source said the press conference was held last week and was scheduled in response to a very high number of reported cases of thrombocytopenia fever in the Miyazaki Prefecture.

During the conference, reporters were informed about how to avoid being bitten by an Ixodidae tick.