Jim Carrey interview

Spotted on the red carpet at a New York Fashion Week after party, one of America’s funniest guys scared the hell out of a reporter who just wanted to find out if he enjoys the atmosphere.

The high-class event was organized by Harper’s Bazaar and it was invaded by A-listers dressed in the most luxurious attires.

However, Mr. Carrey was not that impressed and he labeled the event as “meaningless” after he circled around his interviewer for two minutes straight.

Shortly after Catt Sadler managed to determine Jim Carrey to stand still, she asked Jim Carrey if he came with a partner.

“I wanted to find out the most meaningless thing I could come to, and here I am. You gotta admit this is completely meaningless”, replied the comedian.

In order to make the situation even weirder, he told Catt that she doesn’t… exist.

“I don’t believe in icons. I don’t believe we even exist”.

After offering the world’s weirdest interview ever, Jim Carrey patted the interviewer on the back and said, “We don’t matter. That’s the good news.”

After his girlfriend committed suicide in September 2015, Jim Carrey was dragged in a massive murder scandal initiated by Cathriona’s grieving family.

According to some court documents, Carrey is being accused of supplying his former flame with the substances that she eventually used to kill herself.

Cathriona White was 28-years-old when she committed the horrific gesture

Unfortunately for the comedy legend, his former girlfriend left him a farewell message when she decided to administrate the overdose.

Apparently, the actor’s girlfriend previously attempted to commit suicide in 2012 after her father died.