nuclear attack North Korea

This American senator warned Washington that a nuclear attack from North Korea is imminent.

Mark Miloscia said the threat from North Korea to which Washington is directly exposed “started to become more and more imminent”.

He warned that the danger is imminent and becomes more and more challenging with each nuclear test.

Mark Miloscia said the North Korean threat should determine the Congress to come up with an emergency plan for the next Wednesday meeting in order to respond to a potential attack, writes Daily Mail.

The senator, who piloted a bomber during the Cold War has stated:

“During the Cuban Missile Crisis, we had means of communication like the red phone or other variants to make sure the situation does not degenerate. Now, in this context, there are no means of communication with North Korea.

Regarding the current regime, the diplomatic relations between the two countries cannot be compared to those that we had with the Soviet Union and its leaders. That’s why we hope everything will be fine, but we have to prepare for the worst. ”

Miloscia added: “We should have a pre-established plan to be prepared. The risk is increasing and danger becomes imminent. It’s a real danger. Even if it does not happen in the near future, it was initially expected that the attack would take place in the next 3 or 5, but I think it could happen earlier. I make a mistake if we treat the situation with frivolity. North Korea could hit Hawaii. ”