Rtvik IQ

Rtvik Patel, a 14-year-old from the UK, has a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, obtaining a score of 162 at various intelligence tests, writes Daily Mail.

Rtvik has joined Mensa after he has achieved the biggest result ever, which placed him on a board that only includes the most intelligent people that have ever lived on the planet.

“I really did not expect to get in, but getting the maximum score was incredible. However, it is not about the intelligence, it’s more about what you do with your life”, revealed the young man.

The adolescent tells confessed that he was interested in joining Mensa after he watched a show about little geniuses from all around the world earlier this year.

At a global level, average adults have an average IQ of 100, while Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein have an IQ of 160, although it is unclear whether or not they have conducted these tests.

Rtvik is not the first young man to score such an amazing result at a Mensa test.

In 2015, 12-year-old Lydia Sebastian scored a maximum of 162 in the 150-minute mental agility test.

Over 121.000 people around the world are members of Mensa, an elite society that supports some of the most impressive brains on the planet.

The group was formed by Australian lawyer Roland Berrill and scientist Dr. Lance Ware at Oxford in 1946.

Mensa has members from all countries and all demographic environments. The youngest member joined when he was two and a half years old and the oldest at 103.