climate changes

Climate changes threaten to generate more than 100 million poor persons by 2030 unless the current trends change.

According to experts, the situation will “generate significant human migrations”, warns the World Bank quoted by EFE.

During the interview published on Wednesday by French newspaper “Le Figaro”, BM general manager Kristalina Georgieva highlighted that, although global warming will, slowly but surely, affect everyone the risk is really serious when it comes to poor countries, which will become forced to change their infrastructure and to develop the agriculture sector.

Georgieva explains that there are 500 million people in a “fragile” situation (especially in Africa, but also in countries such as Haiti, Iraq, Syria or Libya), a condition mostly triggered by an armed conflict.

As an example, she stressed that in Syria “the generalization of the conflict coincided with a drought that spurred the departure of the rural population to cities”.

The World Bank, according to Kristalina Georgieva, former European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Budget, has allocated $10 billion annually in order to adopted measures against climate change.

The WB will hold a Climate Change conference in France in December.