Ed Murray sexual abuse

Ed Murray will tender his resignation on Wednesday after no less than five different men have accused him of sexual abuse.

The mayor is a well-known defender of the gay community, the one who turned him into the 53rd mayor of Seattle.

Currently, he is facing some major backlash after five men, including his adoptive son and one of his cousins, are accusing him of sexual abuse.

The abuses would’ve taken place decades ago, writes AP, but the victims have decided to come clean now after the politician started posing as this LGBT defender.

Obviously, Murray is denying the accusations but on Tuesday, he stated that running in the next mayoral election is out of the discussion and he will most likely end up resigning from the position much sooner than we think.

The most recent accusation was filed by Joseph Dyer, the son of the mayor’s first cousin.

Dyer told the Seattle Times that he was 13-years-old and Murray 20 when he repeatedly abused him.

“I was pretending that I was asleep so he would not touch me again”, said the man who added that the abuses have reached to an end when Murray found another victim: a boy from a Catholic group, who ended up taking legal actions against him as well.

Murray defends himself by claiming Dyer’s accusations are in fact lies generated by a quarrel between their families.

The mayor of Seattle, now 62 years old, has not been charged.

A recent investigation, however, revealed that in the 1980’s, a child protection inspector alerted that Murray had abused his adoptive son, but the file was closed.