prison Irma

More than 100 detainees have escaped when Hurricane Irma unleashed its fury upon the British Virgin Islands.

The security officials of this British territory have stated this is a very serious threat to the law and order regime.

Several British soldiers were deployed to these Caribbean islands to provide security after the large group of prisoners has escaped from a prison during Hurricane Irma.

Nearly 40 of them are considered extremely dangerous, with fears that security on the island devastated by Hurricane Irma is extremely vulnerable, writes The Telegraph.

The island’s representative said 997 British soldiers and nearly 50 police officers were sent in the area of the detention center in order to ensure the people’s protection.

Meanwhile, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson is on his way to the Caribbean to visit some of the devastated areas of after the UK was criticized for not involving in the humanitarian missions after the extreme phenomenon has swept everything in its way.

The British overseas territories, including Anguilla, Turks and Caicos, and the British Virgin Islands, have their own government, but they rely on the London Executive when it comes to assuring protection during natural disasters.

Following Irma’s devastation, Boris Johnson has announced a fund allocation of about 32 million pounds, claiming that another financial support is to be allocated in the upcoming days.

Hurricane Irma has caused a real disaster in several Caribbean islands.