Sweden dancing

Spontaneous dancing is still considered illegal in Sweden one year after the government promised to stop punishing its people for violating this weird law, writes The Independent.

In April last year, the Swedish Parliament has voted to repeal the law that forced most bars and pubs to obtain a license in order to allow their customers to… dance.

The law was adopted back in 1970 and bars owners who allowed their customers to dance without a license faced harsh sanctions and even jail time.

These “dance permits” have been introduced by the Swedish police as a method to prevent public disorder.

“The government has to do something about it. It’s is not right for the police to deal with it too. It is ridiculous, considering the problems existing in society and the fact they should concentrate their resources on them. Fortunately, the law has no effect on tourists”, Eva Östling Visita’s director revealed for The Independent.

Those who campaigned for the repeal of the law hoped that this would happen by the end of last year. Although they questioned the Government for its postponement, they still did not receive an answer.