Wonder Woman 2

Wonder Woman became the movie of the year and most of us still cannot get over Gal Gadot’s remarkable performance as Diana Prince.

Despite the fact the official release of the Warner Bros. production was in May, the company is already working on the second part of the franchise.

Moreover, Wonder Woman 2 is already in such an advanced stage that producers have already established the release date.

The DC comic universe was pulled back from the abyss by this movie because after Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad scored poor earnings and harsh reviews, so Warner Bros. needed this to become a success.

Although Gal Gadot will return as Diana Prince for sure, Patty Jenkins was torn for a while.

Although there had long been talks with the director on the subject, given the success scored by Wonder Woman, Jenkins tried to “squeeze” a bigger pay check from the producers.

Finally, according to Variety, Wonder Woman 2 will be directed by Patty Jenkins, who already started working on the script.

So, Wonder Woman 2 will premiere on December 13, 2019. Until then, we will have the opportunity to see Diana Prince in the Justice League.