iPhone X prices

In many ways, it is shocking how much the iPhone X costs, but in some corners of the world this super anticipated product is even more expensive than in the US

Apple took every bit of courage and announced the long awaited iPhone X whose starting price is $1.000 for the 64GB version.

The 256GB version starts from $1150 even in the United States, where the shipping costs and other taxes usually come cheaper in comparison to other corners of the world.

The Verge saved us the trouble of comparing prices demanded online by virtual Apple stores from all around the world.

This is like an iPhone X ranking where the sorting criterion is the… price

Warning: these numbers are not for the faint-hearted.

So, let’s start with Russia: in a country “as democratic as it gets”, the 64GB version costs around $1380 and the 2565GB version starts from $1590.

In Turkey, the price is ridiculous: the 64GB version starts from $1468 and the second one jumps to $1680.

These massive discrepancies are mostly generated by import taxes, currency conversion, and local sales taxes.

Even in the United States, a local sales tax ranges between 5% and 9% and varies from state to state. The additional cost must be paid at the moment of purchase.

In Poland, a 64GB iPhone X costs $1385 or $1595 for 256GB.

In Italy, the price is even higher: $1416 for 64GB and $1620 for 256GB.

The Britons are not very fortunate either: since they have voted for Brexit, an iPhone X in the UK starts from $1322.

The lowest prices compared to the US are in Japan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, where you will probably not save more $20.