Larry King lung cancer

Larry King announced that he was diagnosed with lung cancer in July and he is already receiving treatment, UPI reported on Thursday.

“It was not really a battle”, revealed King to Mario Lopez, about how his first reaction at the news that he is suffering from cancer.

“My medical check-up is part of an X-ray, I do it every year … and it always went out normal. Then the doctor said: <<I see a little spot here, let’s do a tomography.>> They did a tomography, and then they said: <<Let’s do a positron emission tomography>> … I do not think there are any other types of tomography”, revealed the famous TV presenter.

“They removed the tumor, it was malignant, but they were going to take it out, whether it was malignant or benign, they did tests and they said I was okay. I was in the first stage”, added the American TV host.

Larry King underwent surgery at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on July 17th.

“The doctor told me: << It was malignant, but you were in the first stage. If we had not removed it, you would have had problems in two or three years, but I took it out and you were lucky>>”.

The legendary 83-year-old TV personality demanded a two weeks break in order to recover before returning to work.

“They showed me the last tomography, which was clean, it was fun to find out the spot it’s not there anymore and they’ve removed 20% of my lung”, revealed King.

Larry King quit smoking after he suffered a heart attack in February 1987, which he says contributed to the development of his lung cancer.

King was previously diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and prostate cancer, which was treated with radiation and did not require a surgical procedure.