Samsung autonomous cars

Samsung, besides the smartphones market, is currently focusing on new and exciting projects

One of them looks is the production of autonomous cars, a huge investment in which Samsung is putting all its hopes.

Samsung has a fairly high competition when it comes to autonomous cars, an industry that Google has been experiencing for years.

The complex list also includes Tesla and almost any other major tech company in the industry.

Now, the South Korean giant has announced its plans of investing no less than $300 million into the development of this project and the final tests will be conducted in California.

The official announcement comes two weeks after the California Motor Vehicle Department revealed that Samsung obtained a license to test its own autonomous cars.

The money will be allocated to a new business division responsible with developing autonomous technologies.

The new unit will be built inside Harman, the company best known for producing high-quality audio gadgets, acquired by Samsung a year ago for eight billion dollars.

The first investment will be in TTech, a company that provides autonomous and semi-autonomous capabilities for the Audi A8.

Audi is not a stranger when it comes to collaborating with Samsung

From South Korea, they get the processors, semiconductors and other components for its infotainment systems and roadside assistance features.