iPhone X Palm

The iPhone X comes with all sorts of novelties, including the new OLED screen, the Face ID system, an enhanced game processor for augmented reality and all kinds of little tricks for the very controversial price of $999.

However, the long-awaited device comes with something else: by giving up the fingerprint sensor to accommodate the display on almost the entire front surface, Apple had to solve the problem of browsing among the applications.

So the California-based company built a separate area on the screen meant to detect gestures.

However, this feature was invented many years ago by Palm, when the Palm Pre and the webOS operating system were unveiled centuries ago, as TechCrunch presents.

Back then, Palm unveiled this touch sensitive area, when if you slide it over it you would arrive to a card system that showed which applications were running.

Wireless Charging

But not only gesture navigation was introduced by Palm. Another example is wireless charging with a dock. It was first taken over by Google in 2012, when the Internet giant introduced Nexus 4, a smartphone produced by LG.

The similarities between the new iPhone X and the ancient Palm has also been remarked by The Verge.

Since then, many other companies have introduced the wireless charging feature, including Samsung.

Universal search is another webOS feature copied by other companies.

This feature was first copied by Google, which placed a similar widget on Android.