sitting smoking

If sitting down is as harmful as smoking, that means you can develop some really severe health issues if you have an office job.

People who spend hours sitting on a chair are more likely to become sedentary and have increased risks of dying when it comes to almost any cause, suggests a new study published by Today.

However, according to experts, there’s only thing that you can do in order to reduce these risks: after every 30 minutes of sitting, you have to get up from that chair and walk for at least one minute, says the author of the study Keith Diaz.

“When the human body doesn’t move, the internal organs cease to function as they should”, revealed the specialist.

The information was published this week, after Diaz teammates have gathered data from over 8.000 who participated in the study “Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke”.

Participants, all over 45, wore instruments that measured how much time they spent moving or walking per day.

According to the study, they spend 77% of their time standing or being inactive – the equivalent to being sedentary for 12 hours of the 16-hour wakefulness of a day.

The state was associated with a higher risk of death, so Diaz made the following recommendations:

Try to move every 30 minutes.

Do any activity that puts your blood on the move for at least a minute.