Cavani NEymar

Thiago Silva stopped a rant from turning into a literal fight in the locker room, right after Paris Saint German won against Olympique Lyon with 2 – 0.

The two South Americans initiated an argument during the game and if it wasn’t for Emery’s intervention, the football match would’ve probably turn into something else.

The vibe was pretty awkward in the locker room, when Thiago Silva avoided the argument between Cavani and Neymar from transforming into something way nastier.

The conflict began after the Uruguayan striker reproached Neymar that his attitude on the field is not exactly appropriate.

According to the information published by L’Equipe, “the relationship between the two players has gone worsened in the last few weeks” and during the game with Olympique Lyon, the fans were able to spot the rivalry between the two athletes.

Moreover, the moment when Dani Alves intervened in order to defend his countryman helped Cavani realize that he will not win this battle.

However, what Cavani did not expect, claim the French journalists, was Neymar’s aggressive reaction from the locker room.

A few hours later, the Uruguayan wanted to leave the differences with Neymar aside, but the only clear answer he received was that the war was just starting out between them.

“One of them will leave”, writes L’Equipe, as PSG offered £222 million in exchange for the Brazilian international, Edinson Cavani will probably become forced to withdraw.