Emmanuel Macron phone

French President Emmanuel Macron received in a few days an impressive number of text messages

Unfortunately, most texts were not exactly nice or from well-meaning persons and that’s because the state leader’s phone number was leaked online, writes Challenge.

The incident occurred after someone stole the phone of a journalist and the agenda contained Emmanuel Macron’s both personal digits.

The phone number that reached on the internet was used by Macron to keep his older contacts in and certainly not for “communicating sensitive information”, revealed an official from the presidential administration who also assured the press that “no security breach” was spotted.

Emmanuel Macron’s phone number was published on the internet 12 days ago, from a reporter’s pocket, who had the number of the president since he occupied the Minister of Economy position, during President Francois Hollande’s administration.

Macron has three mobile phones

He rarely used the number that reached on the internet and he was kind of forced to get a new one.

Councilors insist that the security of the country has not been affected. According to them, the French president used the third number for personal calls only.