Meghan Markle London

Things are certainly moving with the speed of light for these two

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seem like the perfect match and the “future princess” even admitted during her first interview about her relationship that she is “crazy” about UK’s favorite redhead.

In the interview for Vanity Fair, the actress spoke for the first time about Harry. Opening up when it comes to such a private matter proves the 36-year-old and the royal head are pretty serious and they plan on becoming official in the near future.

Although various tabloids wrote in the past that Meghan Markle is probably preparing to move in with Harry, in London, we all believed this was just a rumor.

Apparently, the “so called rumor” might be as true as it gets because the actress handed the car she was driving in Toronto ahead of schedule.

Markle, who is currently living in Toronto, where she is filming for the Suits series, terminated her VIP contract with Audi North America a few months earlier.

Sources from Meghan’s entourage claim that she chose to do so because she plans on moving in UK in November.

However, other sources argue that Meghan has agreed with the producers of the show to shoot for the series until Christmas without really knowing what her next move is.

Over the last four years, Meghan drove around Canada a robust Audi Q5, perfect for the actress’s two dogs, but also for Canada’s harsh winters.