Google Pixel

However, unlike iPhone X, we’re just going to keep waiting a little bit more until Google will make the official unveiling.

Just like in iPhone’s case, the news regarding Google’s plans to reveal the Pixel 2 on 4th October are already all over social media.

The novelties related to this subject were spread by Droid Lfe and besides the rumors related to the technical features, the article also includes images.

Apparently, Google is set to release the new device on 4th October, among a new smaller version of its intelligent speaker, dubbed as Google Home Mini.

The mini speaker will cost around $49 and comes preinstalled with the notorious Google Assistant, so in theory, it should sound very well.

The smart box will be available in three colors, white, black and blue coral.

Meanwhile, the star of the launch, Google Pixel 2 XL, will be available in two colors, black and white, and judging by the images, the rumors about the design were correct.

The starting price will be $850 for 64 GB, while the 128GB version will have a purchase price of $950.

The price is quite high, but aligns with Samsung and Apple creations on the same market segment.

Instead, Google Pixel 2 should be a little bit cheaper. The small one will start from 649 dollars for 64GB and 749 dollars for 128GB.

In addition to the black and white versions, it can be purchased in the Kinda Blue.

The latest novelty will be an updated Daydream View kit.

The devices comes in various colors, but it will be more expensive – $99 instead of $79.