Kate Welsh brain tumor

Kate Walsh, one of the most popular characters from Grey’s Anatomy was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The beauty who portrays the role of Addison Montgomery spoke about her health issues during a recent interview.

Two years ago, when she was filming for Bad Judge, the Californian actress began to experience an intense feeling of fatigue and she also started to encounter major difficulties in terms of expressing herself, so she has decided to see a doctor.

“The exhaustion came to the point where I did not feel better even after five cups of coffee. Since April, I have begun to have cognitive difficulties. It was kind of an aphasia, I was losing my thoughts. When I was driving, I deviated from the usual route. I started to worry”, revealed the redhead.

At first, Kate didn’t imagine that she might be dealing with a brain tumor.

Instead, she was almost 100% convinced these were all symptoms characteristic to menopause.

“The words <<brain tumor>> were not part of my vocabulary. I did an MRI, and a radiologist told me I had a brain tumor”, revealed the 49-year-old.

Three days later, Kate Walsh went through a surgery, where the doctors removed a lemon size meningioma.

Discovered in time, the tumor was, fortunately, benign. The actress entered in a recovery period of nine months.

It was a delicate and painful period that made the actress to watch everything from another perspective.

Last weekend, Kate Walsh appeared in the Cigna Medical Services’s promotional campaign with her co-fellow actors Patrick Dempsey (Dr. Shepherd from “Gray’s Anatomy”) and Donald Faison (Chris Turk from the series “Scrubs”) and she enjoyed every minute of it.