Lemonade vinyl

Numerous Beyonce fans had the most unexpected surprise when they arrived home and started playing the “Lemonade” album on vinyl.

Among a series of songs written and singed by Queen B, there were also numerous tracks performed by a Canadian punk band, known as Zex.

The mistake was caused by the German vinyl factory, which also takes care of Beyonce’s albums.

Some fans were not happy because they waited for months for the album to be available in this format.

Meanwhile, others were not exactly bothered by the confusion, claiming: “It’s good music on the other side too”.

Mrs. Carter’s record label, Columbia Records, apologized for the error, and they will offer free copies to those who have received the albums that also include the songs from Zex.

So far, Beyonce didn’t make any comments, because she is still enjoying her postnatal break, after she gave birth to Sir and Rumi Carter earlier in summer.

Vinyl is a great method of storageing music which re-gained a massive popularity in the last two years, despite the domination of digital formats and streaming services.

In 2016, vinyl sales went through the roof in the UK, reaching the number of 3.2 million sold units.

In 2015, sales of such disks generated revenue of $416 million globally, compared to $35 million in 2005, writes Statista.