iPhone X production

The process of producing and delivering the long-awaited iPhone X is being slowed down on purpose by Apple

According to a source from Taiwan, Apple has ordered a certain number of suppliers to deliberately slow down the delivery of components.

The rumor was published first in the DigiTimes, quoting variolus anonymous sources from the company’s supply chain.

Currently, suppliers are delivering only 40% of the components required to produce the iPhone X phones.

The reason for this slowdown in terms of production is quite simple: Apple wants to see how many preorders will register, before they accelerate the production of smartphones meant to hit the market in the near future.

However, sources argue that some suppliers are still forced to increase production with 40%.

The day before the device was officially released, Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, said that iPhone X is produced in less than 10.000 units per day.

Kuo revealed the device would not be able to reach the supply and demand ratio until the first half of 2018.

Recently, Kuo said that pre-orders could exceed the number of 40-50 million units.

There are some signs in the market that indicate a huge demand: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are not very popular.

We’ll see how it works om October 27, when the official pre-ordering will kick off.