Kylie Jenner pregnant

The news related to Kylie’s rumored pregnancy appeared last weekend, but it all seemed like this really well-executed prank, meant to gain the Kardashian’s even more attention and TV time.

Unfortunately, this is 100% true

Kylie Jenner is as pregnant as it gets and the one who spread the rumor is none other than the brunette’s baby daddy – Travis Scott.

Moreover, it seems the 20-year-old lip kit queen is five-months-pregnant and she has managed to hide for a while now.

Probably, because the bump started to become obvious and her due date is fast approaching, Kylie and the rapper decided to come clean and share the happy news with their families.

As soon as the parents found out, the story started becoming more and more authentic

If Kris Jenner preferred to keep her mouth shut when Ryan Seacrest asked her about Kylie’s pregnancy, Caitlyn Jenner was very vocal.

The former Olympic champion stated that her daughter is very young to carry such a huge responsibility and she doesn’t like this at all.

Source from the future parents’ entourage revealed for TMZ that Kylie and Travis expect a baby girl, who will arrive exactly in the same period as Kim and Kanye’s third baby.

Congratulations to the happy couple!