LGBT flag

Seven people were arrested last week in Cairo after they were spotted in public waving the LGBT flag, writes BBC News.

Sources quoted by the British publication have revealed that all seven members have been detained for “promoting a sexually deviant behavior”, but none of them was formally charged.

The Egyptian authorities opened an investigation after the images with the seven waving the LGBT flag appeared on social media during the concert of Lebanese band Mashrou Leila, whose performer publicly admitted that he is gay.

Although the laws of Egypt do not condemn homosexuality, the authorities arrested the seven guys on suspicion of having been involved in such relations, being accused of “immorality” and “blasphemy.”

According to BBC News, the gesture of raising a rainbow color flag aduringa public event, as a sign of solidarity with the LGBT community, is a rare one.

The authorities have decided to initiate an investigation only after the image became viral on social networks.