Michael Larson

Michael Larson is one of the most influential men in the United States, but hardly anyone even knows that he is one of the wealthiest persons in the world

Larson is CEO of Bill and Melinda Gates Investments (BMGI), and he also manages a huge part of Bill Gates’ wealth.

BMGI is also administrating Cascade Investment, the fund in which Gates invests most of his money.

Bill Gates hired Larson 22 years ago because he needed a trust-worthy person to manage his fortune.

At that time, the Microsoft’s CEO fortune was estimated to almost $5 billion.

Since then, the Microsoft’s founder’s wealth has increased to nearly $ 80 billion, mostly because Larson took care of everything.

Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, Cascade Investment is not a very mediatized presence.

Representatives generally avoid discussing about their projects and mergers.

However, it is known that the Gates has a large number of shares in Canadian National Railway, Republic Services, Ecolab, Femsa and Deere.