Prince Harry hand

Prince Harry kicked off the Invictus Paralympic Games on Saturday, alongside Melania Trump, the first lady of the United States.

However, instead of focusing on the games, social media started inventing the weirdest theories related to the way Prince Harry was holding his right hand.

Harry’s gesture – whether or not it was intentional – has become a topic of intense discussion over the last few days, drawing the attention from his and Meghan’s very first official appearance as a couple.

Most Twitter users claim that Harry was obviously making the devil’s gesture.

Meanwhile, two body language experts have “deciphered”, for Huffington Post, why Harry has holding his hand like that.

“This sign is called <<The Devils’ Horns>> and the people are right. The sign implies that the Prince threatens everything that is evil. It is a gesture of protection against evil or illness, said body language reader Patti Wood.

Also, the way the hand was placed on the stomach is an act of comfort and a common gesture among state leaders during official visits.

“I’ve seen many leaders from different countries alongside Trump and many people are sending this message”, added the expert.

“He could be considered one of them. The sign looks like the Devils’ Horns, but still the hand is on the stomach. This can also symbolize that he feels pressured”, revealed the reader.

Meanwhile, another expert, Joe Navarro, does not share the same opinion

“Maybe he wanted to open his jacket, but in the meantime he changed his mind. Maybe he wanted to sit, but he was asked to take more pictures. For me, you cannot draw too many conclusions from this picture. I would not focus so much on this”, he said.

However, both experts agree that there is a high level of tension visible in the prince’s attitude and that the prince is usually more relaxed and cheerful in these situations. .

When it came down to Melania Trump, the expert says she seems very tense.