The incident occurred on Saturday, September 23, at 16.45

A 50-year-old Romanian climbed the Bristol Bridge and threatened to jump off.

It all happened in plain view, while some Britons were strongly encouraging the man to stop stalling and jump off already.

Nelu Iordache resorted to the desperate gesture after he lived on the streets during the past two weeks.

The Romanian told that he had quarreled with the owner of the house where used to live in and he left it without his possessions.

The man claims to have reported the incident to the police, but he was told that nothing can be done to recover his stuff.

Iordache’s attempt to jump off the bridge was, in fact, a protest against the British authorities.

He has been working legally for two years in the UK at a restaurant in Bristol.

What followed was shocking. Among the British who gathered to watch the “show” offered by the Romanian, there were also some who encouraged him to jump off the bridge.

Witnesses who encouraged Nelu on the edge have generated indignation in the press all over the world.

People have applauded and counted, being indifferent to the Romanian’s drama.

The Avon and Somerset police spokesman condemned the behavior of those who gathered to witness the incident, while the officers were trying to solve the situation.

Nelu Iordache, father of two children, said he just wanted to be helped: “This is my life. I just want to be helped, I did not want to have such problems. Today I come to protest because I am an honest person”.